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Dear Diary,

So i took that guy home. I thought it would be fun with my friend too, but she screwed things up for me! It’s done. I’m done with him. UGH. kjaoidkfjoiejlkdjaoiwpoeijdolk. 


I’m still pissed at her. i don’t want to be mad, but I am. now my chances of even just being his friend is never going to happen. FUCK. 

in the word of my sister. “That’s life.”


i need to learn how to get the fuck over this. i guess it will take time to heal.  

i guess i was meant to be with this one. but why am i not happy with him? WHY AM I NOT HAPPY WITH THE PERSON IT SEEMS LIKE I’M MEANT TO BE WITH FOREVER?



Anonymous said: what's this blog about? i'm just curious. all of the blogs on tumblr are all about something. is this blog just about posting rants or...? and i really think you should change your url cause i don't think your ugly. nobody is, we might think we're ugly but we're not. we're all beautiful in this shitty world. you don't have to be skinny to be beautiful. any size is beautiful.

Hey curious person, you’re right. This blog is like an open diary. You’ll be looking into the mind of a physically ugly person. What my daily life is like, and how it is like to live as someone who’s not as beautiful as the tumblr famous people you probably follow on here. It makes me fucking sick how much people wants to be a celebrity on the Internet. Like go the fuck ahead and do what you want,  but shit, all they fucking care about is being adored and loved and being the center of fucking attention. 
They are so snobby and shit in real life, like WTF? Is it that hard to be nice to someone who isn’t dressed exactly like them? I know some of those fake ass bitches. sickens me how much people see them as role models.. 
LOL to your comment but I really believe that this world is beautiful. Look at a fucking lady bug and you’ll know what I mean. So this world is not shitty, it’s just consumed with so much shit because of the media. 
So it’s not my size that’s the problem, it’s my fucking face! Lol, and I’m okay with being ugly. I know that if society answered honestly if I was pretty or ugly, majority if not all will say I’m ugly and it’s okay. Being ugly is not that much of a bad thing. 
Here’s the truth though, I can’t get any guy I like. I like so much people who liked me for my personality but didn’t give me the light of day because they think I’m fucking ugly. They just want to stay friends or some shit and I’m just like okay. Ugly people get use to it. 
I shouldn’t complain though. My friends are awesome and they like me even though my face is totally fucked. 
Dead anon, tomorrow I will talk to that cute guy in my class to ask him for advice on what to do about my stupid ass boyfriend. I really badly wish he liked me, but honestly I don’t know him too well. I want to get to know him but I don’t feel like I’m being faithful. Fuck. I wish I can break up with my boyfriend and just be single. 
My brother is still fucking annoying. I wish my dad would kick him out so he can be successful and shit. 
Thanks for taking the time to read my rant. Dont worry, I’m not expecting anything from you. Ignore if you want. And have a nice day


My dad <3




Today, I’ve decided to start a new tumblr where I can write whatever the hell I want and not give a fuck who reads this shit because no one will know it’s really me. 

First of all, if anyone is reading this, yes! I am an UGLY girl. NO, my self-esteem is not low, i’m just ugly and I know it. I’ve gotten use to the fact that I’m ugly and shit I don’t give a fuck, but the reason I’m not posting up a picture is because I want to remain anonymous. My thoughts are so fucking crude that none of the people I know deserves to hear or read what I have to say. I guess you can say that I’m two-faced. Or not two-faced, but I prefer people see me as nice and innocent. Not to say that I’m really mean and evil, but I do sin quite a lot.

First sin to talk about today. MY BOYFRIEND. Yes, this ugly girl has a boyfriend. He’s not ugly, but he is fat. I want to say that in the nicest way possible but I’m not going to. He needs to lose weight and become more healthy because if he really is going to be my partner, I want someone who’ll be healthy and could actually take care of me.

He is nice and all, but I hate the fact that he LIES ALL THE DAMN FUCKING TIME. He thinks I’m stupid but I’m not. I know when he BULLSHITS ME. 

Thanks to his stupid ass, I keep falling for other guys much hotter than him. My coworker, my classmate.

I hate it. I wish I didn’t feel this way but I do. I’m not attracted to him at all. Now this guy in my class, we talk a little and he is so cute. I wish I can talk with him more once school ends but I’m not sure if I’m going to. He’s probably never going to be interested in me, but he’s hella cute. hella easy to talk to. I have FUCKING BUTTERFLIES JUST THINKING ABOUT HIM. I need to stay the hell away from him before I do something stupid. FUCK. FUCKIDY FUCK. 

Secondly, my older brother is a FRICKEN NO LIFE JACKASS WHO WON’T GET OFF HIS LAZZY ASS. He needs to start taking responsibility. He’s fucking 25 and still acts like he’s 16 or something. SO FUCKING ANNOYING. Ever since mom left us, he’s been doing NOTHING WHAT SO EVER. Why the fuck did my mom have to leave. FUCK. Hope she’s happy with her new boyfriend. FUCK THAT I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. 

the only thing I’m not HELLA irritated with is my dad. He cares, and I could NOT LIVE WITHOUT HIM. He is my rock, the only person who could ever keep me in reality. 

FUCK DRUGS, my dad is my stress reliever. 

JUST INCASE YOU’RE STILL READING THIS. I’m different from all the other users out there. I am a person just like everyone else, but I’m going to speak my mind. NONE OF THAT FAKE AS BULLSHIT OTHER HOT/PRETTY GIRLS POST ABOUT BEING ALL HIGH AND MIGHTY. THOSE GIRLS AINT GOT JACK. take away their pretty face and they are stupid as hell and acts like they’re the nicest people ever, when really, they’re snobs who wouldn’t think twice about being friends with the ugly girl. But that’s cool, us ugly girls don’t want fake ass people like them anyway. REAL SHIT. 

okay, enough being judgmental, there are some girls out there that are hella pretty or hot but is also genuine and real. just majority of them who are on tumblr, I HATE. I DO GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THEM. because they ruin the minds of younger people who looks up to them and they believe that they have to try so hard to be accepted. if they don’t dress and act or look like them, they won’t feel as if they really matter when they do.